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NetApp Young Women in Technology (YWIT) Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 7, 2022

This Privacy Policy tells you about NetApp YWIT's policies and practices for the collection and use of personal information in connection with our online conference. For additional details on how NetApp handles personal information more generally and the privacy requests you may make under applicable law, please see our NetApp Privacy Policy.

What We Collect and Why

We collect and use the following personal information from parents:

What We Don't Collect

We do not collect any of the following information about children who will attend the conference, including:

We will not request any personal information directly from children attending the conference, and we ask that attendees refrain from providing any personal information about themselves or others.

How You Can Manage Your Personal Information

You can request a list of the personal information we collected about you or request that your personal information previously collected be deleted by contacting us at ng-ywit-questions@netapp.com.