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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us and we will get back to you.

How do I find the video streams for the sessions?

Once you've successfully registered for the conference, we will send information about the sessions to the email that you've registered with, including video stream links for each session. You can then use these links on the conference day to set up the session for your child.

What if I haven't received my registration confirmation email yet?

Once you've submitted your reservation, we send a request to your NetApp sponsor to review. Make sure you haven't misspelled their name on your registration form. If the sponsor has had a reasonable amount of time to review your request and you haven't received the confirmation email, please contact us

Does my child need any prerequisites on the laptop?

Read each workshop description listed on the agenda. If a workshop has prerequisites, they will be listed here. If the workshop lists prerequisites and you don’t have them set up, your child can still attend although it might not be as fun!

If my child joins the session late, can my child still attend the session?

Yes. Your child can join the video stream at any point during the session, although they may have missed some prior information that would help them understand the rest of the session. Most sessions will be able to post a recorded video after they are complete, so your child can also go back and rewatch the session for anything they may have missed.

When do I select the workshops for my child?

See the answer for "How do I find the video streams for the sessions?". We will email you links to videos of all sessions prior to the conference start. Your child may join any session they wish. You do not need to register for specific sessions.

What if my child has school and cannot attend?

Choosing a date that works for everybody was difficult and we had to make compromises. Here are some things to keep in mind: