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Workshop Tracks

There will be 3 tracks available on the day of the virtual YWIT conference: These tracks will have workshops that run in parallel. You and your child will want to decide ahead of time which workshops you would like to attend and make sure to join the right session (links to the Zoom sessions will be sent in an email the week of the conference). Workshops that you cannot attend will be available later as a video recording and posted to the website.

We encourage you and your child to look at each workshop's page to take a look at the pre-requisites. Depending on where the student is in their STEM journey, some workshops may be more appropriate or more easily accessible to them.

On the right side of this page, you will see the agenda for the day. Select the desired track to view the workshops for that track. Clicking on the workshop name will take you to the page where you can see more information about it.

Register online today! Click here to register your children.

Note: If your child has any questions about a specific workshop, please email us at ng-ywit-questions@netapp.com with the workshop name in the subject line.

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