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Hosted by NetApp, the annual WIT-sponsored Young Women's Technology Workshops hope to inspire young women to continue to pursue their interest in technology education and careers. Due to the onset of Covid-19, we are hosting the event virtually and are very excited to welcome your children.

Scientists are working tirelessly to create a vaccine for the virus, healthcare professionials are battling the virus on the front lines, and technologists are using data to help politicians make decisions that affect their constituents. Technology is ubiquitous and we need to work hard to get more women into this field that gives so much. We hope this year's virtual event will inspire and motivate your children to innovate and get creative!

Why It Matters

For this reason, several members of the San Jose (CA), Raleigh (NC), Boston (MA), Pittsburgh (PA), Boulder (CO), and Vienna (VA) WIT groups have joined forces to create the Young Women's Technology Workshops.

This virtual event will bring school age girls together to learn and get inspired. The NetApp volunteers will come together with the young women participants for multiple technology sessions to explore web programming, career discussions, and linux skills, among others!


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